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Technology With a Mission

YOUR success is OUR driving force

You will reach people we will never meet. You will serve people we will never know by name. Frontline Technology exists to help you do what you do without having to worry about the technology side of your organization.


Do your tech-savvy volunteers need a little help in the background running security? Do you need us to fully support every device you run? Is your board more interested in quarterly technology reviews and staff training? Do you even know where to start?


Wherever your technology needs fall, Frontline Technology can ensure they are met.

Core Values

Engage with our clients and community to build relationships.

Equip our clients and employees to succeed.

Serve our clients and families with integrity.

Vision Statement

We will ENGAGE with our clients, EQUIP them with simple IT solutions, and SERVE them in such a way that enables them to put their vision into action and reverse the current trends of society.

Our Philosophy

When you succeed, we succeed.  Our goal is to engage with you in ways that demonstrate our commitment to building a lasting relationships.  We want you to consider us as a part of your team with a key desire to play a part in your organization’s success.  Whether joining you in the board room to discuss your organization’s development goals, overcoming technology challenges, or proactively resolving day-to-day trouble tickets, you can feel confident we will be by your side.


Every problem has a solution, and with Frontline, solutions are always within reach.

Why We Started

Our founder has spent over 20 years working with various organizations and small businesses. During this time, he noticed a common problem: The pull of technology and budget rarely balanced.


Churches, non-profit organizations, and small businesses alike need technology to run effectively. Whether audio visual equipment and the computers to run them or a secure network that backs up data and fights breaches of that data, every church, every non-profit, every small or medium business runs more smoothly with well-integrated technology. These organizations, however, face similar budgetary challenges when trying to properly address their technological needs. Simply stated, they are limited by size and funds when it comes to accessing professional IT help.


With limited expertise and even tighter budgets, most churches resort to using member volunteers to cobble together their technology solutions. The equipment isn’t always user friendly and almost always lacks reliable monitoring. The equipment is also purchased with felt needs at the forefront, leaving everyone to scramble as devices need to be replaced due to age, breakage, or changing needs. This scenario is played out over and over again, with one result. It leads to solutions being applied after a problem occurs. Even one unfamiliar with technology can readily admit that “band-aid fixes” by nature lack long-term planning, security, and scalability.


Similarly, other non-profit organizations and many small businesses operate on very limited budgets. Small budgets translate to lack of an IT staff, and few seats translate to being excluded from many Managed Service Providers’ client lists due to the MSP’s own budgetary constraints. This leaves non-profit organizations and small businesses alike to struggle to remain current with industry trends, software, and hardware. It also leaves them vulnerable to dreaded cyberthreats as they lack adequate IT security and training to protect their valuable data.


Frontline addresses this lack of balance between technology and budget head-on. We do so by offering professional IT solutions tailored to fit the needs and budgets of churches, non-profits, and small businesses.  Utilizing years of connections in the industry, Frontline leverages its partnerships to negotiate discounted licensing and product costs. We are then able to pass these savings along to our customers.  Additionally, we take the time to ensure both that our customers are happy with the solutions we provide and that they understand how to properly use these solutions in a way that maximizes the value of their investment.


Our services portfolio offers clients a wide variety of IT services, which range from pay-per-incident IT services to fully managed IT services, and from simple troubleshooting consultations to project management.  No two clients are alike, so we utilize our core values of engage, equip, and serve as a 3-step process to ensure we meet our clients’ needs and maintain a lasting relationship.

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Frontline Technology is one of the only ministry-focused IT companies that is led by pastors and ministry leaders.

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