Backups: What are they, and why should I care?



What are backups?

Maintaining digital backups is a lot like keeping a photocopy of a paper file in a safety deposit box. You have a copy of the information in a safe place so you can access it if something happens to the original. A great benefit of digital backups is that they can be automated, so you don’t have to keep making copies on your own.

Why should I back up?

Computers crash, phones end up in the toilet, and ransomware is an increasing threat to organizations of all sizes. If you have a secure recent digital backup, you can maintain access to everything you need even when digital disaster strikes.

What should be backed up?

Anything that cannot be easily replaced. Family photos? Yup. Client contact information? Sure thing. Contracts? Absolutely. High resolution copies of logos or marketing materials? Yes. Specially configured software applications? Yes, even those. System folders and notes on that webinar you took last year? Maybe not.

What kind of backups are out there?

The simplest backups can mean saving valuable files to a USB you place in a firesafe regularly. You can also back up to separate hard drives, a network, a server, or on the cloud.

The scope of backups matters, too. Full backups are the most complete, but they also take significant time. Incremental or differential backups can close the gaps and take less time so can be run between the full backups.

What are the most important things to consider in making backups?

Frequency and security inform every backup rule out there.

Frequency is vital. All the information built up between backups is not on the copy, and a backup is only helpful if it contains the files you need. If your backups are not automated, keeping a regular backup schedule helps you remember to perform them as well.

Security is also key. If you have backups on physical devices, make sure they are physically secure. The device itself needs to be in a location safe from tampering to ensure its integrity and the privacy of the information stored on it. Separate the backup device from the original device as well: a flood or fire that damages the original may take the copy as well if it is in the same spot. If you are using software to keep online backups, make sure they are from a well-rated vendor with robust security measures.

How can Frontline help?

Give Frontline a call. Not only can we help determine the ideal backup for you, we can implement and manage the backups you choose.


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