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Choosing a Third Party Authenticator App

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Choosing a Third Party Authenticator App

Third party authenticator apps are a more secure way to do multifactor authentication than receiving a confirmation text or email code. (For more on MFA, check out our recent post here.) When you need access to a connected account, you sign is as normal. Then you land on another screen, where you verify your identity with a time-sensitive code available in the app.

Considerations when selecting a third-party authenticator app:

        • Does it back up your account info in case you change phones?
        • Can you further secure the app itself by biometric such as fingerprint or facial recognition?
        • Is it important to you to use separate sources for password management and authentication?
        • Are you interested in push-authentication? (Where the app loads your request for authorization, and you simply click “Accept” if the request is valid.)
        • Do you want it to be compatible with a certain kind of phone (Android/iPhone) or other device (such as a smart watch)?


Want to know more?

Find a straightforward rundown of PCMag’s picks for best authenticator apps at their original post.


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