Using Your Passcode In Public?

What to do instead to protect it.

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Using your passcode in public


Mobile phones are a big part of our lives. Few people leave the house without them. But consider the access they grant. Many people have their MFA tied either to a text, an email address they access on their phone, or an app on their phone. Further, many other accounts and bank information are kept easily accessibly on our phones.

Apple’s iPhones account for over half of the US smartphone market share. Unless you have taken precautions about your accessibility through your phone, a great deal of harm can be done if a thief only has (1) physical access to your phone and (2) your passcode, which may be as little as 4 digits.

To better secure your iPhone's passcode:

1. Use biometric access in public.

The best way to keep your passcode secure in public is to avoid using it there. A stranger might remember a few digits easily, but copying your fingerprint or face is a much harder task. Using biometric access instead of your passcode in public prevents someone from picking up your passcode by peeking over your shoulder.

2. Physically shield your screen.

If you must put in your iPhone’s passcode in public, take care. Just like when you put in your PIN at an ATM, you can increase your passcode security simply by shielding the screen from easy view. You may feel a little awkward, but the simple step could help you in the end.

3. Add complexity to your passcode.

A little preparation at home can help keep your iPhone’s passcode secure as well. Change your passcode to something a little harder to guess or pick up on. The same rules apply as with a standard password. You can increase your passcode’s security by using more characters, including a variety of characters, and by changing it out periodically.

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