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Holiday Scams

Online shopping is a fact of life for many of us. Many of those who don’t usually shop online will make an exception for the deals available during the holiday season. What do you need to know to stay safe?

Delivery Notice Phishing

Online shopping sets you up to expect a delivery--and delivery notifications. How can you stay both secure and on top of your online orders?

Business Email Compromise

The FBI cites Business Email Compromise (BEC) as the internet crime that cost Americans the most in 2020—over $1.8 billion! What can you do to keep from being part of that statistic?

SIM Swapping

How does a criminal get your carrier to give them your phone without touching it? Why would they? And what should you do?

Keeping Your PIN Secure

Covering the keypad is great but paying attention to form can increase your PIN's security. How do you keep your PIN from skimmers?

BlackMatter Ransomware

CISA, FBI, and NSA issued a joint alert about BlackMatter Ransomware this week. What steps can you take to avoid falling victim?

Triple Extortion Ransomware

Triple extortion ransomware targets bigger groups. Cybercriminals use it to threaten both the hacked entity and their associates.

Blog Byte: Fake Ransomware

Fake ransomware takes less to pull off and poses a growing threat. Cyber criminals no longer need to encrypt all your data to attack.

Blog Byte: Choosing a Third Party Authenticator

Third party authenticator apps are a more secure way to do MFA than receiving a confirmation text or email code. Need help choosing one?

Blog Byte: Enabling MFA

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a method of layering your account security. More and more accounts are allowing you to use it. But how?
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