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Threat Alert: EvilExtractor

EvilExtractor is a malware making the rounds through phishing campaigns. It extracts and steals a huge variety of information.

Before You Recycle Your Phone

Would you trust a stranger with access to your phone? Remove as much of your info and access as possible from your phone before recycling it.

Maintaining Your Phone

Maintenance is boring, but keeping in step with a few key items can help keep your mobile phone running smoothly for longer.

Using Your Passcode In Public

Putting in your passcode to unlock your iPhone in public could put your phone at risk. What to do instead to protect it.

Finding Secure Apps

With so many apps out there, how do you choose? Here are 5 tips to help you pick secure apps for your phone.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity insurance helps nonprofits ensure that they are prepared for cybersecurity threats so they can focus on their mission.

Information Security Policy Considerations

Every organization needs to put down in writing the ways they will handle data. Here are 3 key things you need to consider.

Cookies? What cookies?

Governments are trying to protect privacy by cracking down on third party cookies. What is next on the horizon?

Data Privacy Week 2023

Frontline supports data privacy awareness efforts for organizations and individuals. We all must be conscientious stewards of information.

Tech Term: Botnet

You have heard of a botnet. Now explore what a botnet is and how to help your devices avoid becoming part of one.
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