"A camel is a horse designed by a committee."

- Sir Alec Issigonis



Nonprofits are targets too, and often unprepared for an attack.  Securing technology is just as important for nonprofits as for the business down the street.


According to Salesforce, only 23% of nonprofits have a long-term technology plan.  Ensure your technology aligns with your organization's plans for the future.


Technology issues do not have to stress you out.  Gain peace of mind with access to IT professionals without the burden of hiring additional staff.

Does your technology feel like a camel designed by a committee?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Complaints about unreliable technology and no one can figure out why.

Struggles to keep your organization confidently protected against security threats.

Dependence on part-time volunteers who may or may not be technology professionals.

Original volunteer who performed the installation is no longer with the organization.

Discover how you can get over the humps in your technology.

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Humps You Can Overcome

Obstacles resolved here.


  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Ransomware Prevention and Detection
  • Network Management and Security
  • Data Protection
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring

A technology partner to help keep you protected from the latest threats.

Strategy & Planning

  • On-site training for your staff and volunteers
  • Technology budget planning
  • Strategic plans you can take straight to the boardroom
  • Point of contact for IT vendors

A team that is here to see your organization succeed.

Technical Support

  • Remote monitoring to minimize system outages
  • Secure remote access for faster issue resolution
  • Single point of contact for IT issues
  • Access to latest technology solutions

Access to support professionals without hiring an IT department.

Chip Pannell

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

Professional, trustworthy team dedicated to the success of their customer. They mean business when they tell you they tackle the balance between technology and budget head-on.

Erin C. Hagan

President, Coppell Lawn & Garden
Frontline has taken care of all our business computers, network security, backups, and monitored our computers to catch any issues as they develop and correct them early.

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Frontline Technology is one of the only ministry-focused IT companies that is led by pastors and ministry leaders.

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