Think of all the things for which you would turn to a corporate IT department. The list is rather expansive. We can handle all or part of that for you—often at less cost than one fully qualified staff member.

Managed services are typically charged on a per device or user basis depending on the service plan.  Our plans are designed to grow with your organization.  Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, we provide enterprise grade services that fit any budget.

Our plans are set up for organizations with as few as one person in the office. We know that IT and cyber security are not everybody’s strong suit. Happily, it is ours—and it is our honor to serve organizations as small as they come.

Yes! Though we certainly have a heart for the nonprofit, we gladly serve small businesses and have engineered plans with their specific needs in mind.

We believe that preventing problems is cheaper than fixing them.  Proactive monitoring can include workstations, servers, and networks. It allows us to detect and mitigate potential issues before they disrupt your organization.

Onboarding is the first step in our services.  Onboarding is different for each organization, but generally includes:

  • Network and Security Assessment
  • Installation of Frontline Technology Management Tools
  • Installation of Endpoint Security Tools
  • Configuration of Enhanced Email Security
  • Configuration of Backups
  • Configuration of systems to a supportable state that align with industry best practices.
  • Full documentation of your environment. A copy of the documentation is presented to you as a Business Runbook at the end of onboarding.
  • Strategy session to review any critical areas of concerns, discuss recommendations we have for your organization, and prioritize the next steps.

We love volunteers!! We come alongside your existing volunteer staff in whatever level of support or leadership you require. Whether that means you need IT budget planning and technical reporting or a readily available helpdesk, we respect your volunteers’ strengths and will find a plan that best fits every helping hand.

Frontline plays well with others. We recommend talking to one of our representatives about Co-Managed IT Services.  Co-Managed IT Services allow your existing team to operate more efficiently.  Our team can relieve them of their daily responsibilities so they can focus on larger tasks. 

Certainly. Our virtual CIO services can assist you in developing robust IT policies that fit your organization.

Our remote helpdesk is available all day, every day.

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Frontline Technology is one of the only ministry-focused IT companies that is led by pastors and ministry leaders.

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