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QR What?

QR codes: Little squares posted on any number of places that allow you to access information conveniently...but are they secure?

Ransom for your coffee

How would you like to pay ransom to regain control of your coffee maker? Smart devices come with security risks.


Scareware: Software that manipulates us into either buying or downloading a cure for a problem we never had.

Phishing Scheme Red Flags

Phishing is the leading way hackers breach your networks and devices. Glance at these 4 key places before trusting any email.

Abandoned Apps

Do you have ancient apps on your phone or tablet? Update them or delete them. Otherwise, you'll have to accept the risk they pose.

Security Highlights

Cybersecurity headlines may leave you feeling vulnerable. Read on for some basic tips to keep your information from being compromised.

Password Management Made Easy

Following several password security rules can make not only individual hackers but the bigger data breaches much less of a danger.

5 Hacks to Using Windows 10 Like a Pro

Whether you switched to Windows 10 years ago or recently moved up, these tips can help you navigate Windows 10 like a pro.
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