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The Dark Web can be a scary place. How can you reduce its impact?

Tech Tips

The Dark Web

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a portion of the internet that is intentionally hidden. It hosts content only available through specific software, configurations, or authorization. While not everything on the Dark Web is nefarious, much the content hosted there is geared toward illegal activity.

What is a Dark Web Report?

A Dark Web Report is based on a search of Dark Web sites for information pertaining to you. This may include usernames and passwords for any sort of account you hold, from Netflix to your bank account. It may also include your date of birth, social security number, or other personal identifiable information.

7 Ways to Make the Dark Web Less Scary

All this may lead you to be scared of the Dark Web. While you may not be able to delete your information there, it is important to remember what you can do to reduce the impact of the Dark Web on your life.

  1. Multifactor Authentication. Enable multifactor authentication (MFA) wherever available. MFA will provide an extra layer of protection so a criminal who just purchases a password cannot access your accounts.
  2. Password Hygiene. Use unique complex pass phrases. Change your passwords often—especially if one of them has surfaced on a recent Dark Web scan. A password manager may be helpful.
  3. Monitoring. Banks and credit card companies send monthly statements. You can access a free credit report online every year at Look at each of these for unexpected expenditures or sign-ups.
  4. Claim Your SSN. Claim your SSN by making a mySocial Security account with the Social Security Administration. This has to be done when your credit is not frozen. (See below)
  5. Credit Freeze. If you are not planning to open a credit card or apply for a loan, you do not likely need your credit to be easily accessible. Limit this by placing a credit freeze on your credit with each bureau (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian). This makes it much more difficult for criminals to obtain credit in your name.
  6. Alert the Organization. If you believe your accounts are compromised, your bank can close your bank or credit account and open a new one in your name.
  7. Remain Vigilant. Some of the information available on the standard internet or the Dark Web can be used to create convincing tailored phishing attacks on you. Remember to be stingy with the information you give via email or phone. Use caution clicking any link or attachment, and only scan QR codes from verified sources.


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