Updating Your Browser


Updating Your Browser

Many browser updates fly under the radar, but they can really boost your security. Keeping your browser up to date makes the most of the free security patches the developers have worked so hard to provide. If you can, we recommend enabling automatic installation. If automatic updates do not work for you, set a reminder to check for new updates regularly. While you’re at it, confirm that your security settings match your (or your organization’s) needs.

The top browsers lately are Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Here’s a quick guide to checking for updates on each:

Google Chrome (Computer)

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Help.
  • Go to About Google Chrome.
  • Click Update Google Chrome. If you cannot find this button, there is nothing available for download.
  • Click Relaunch to restart the browser with all of the standard tabs you had open. (Tabs opened in Incognito will not repopulate.)

Google Chrome (Android Device)

  • Open the Play Store app.
  • Tap the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap Manage apps & device.
  • Look for Chrome under “Updates Available”.
  • If present, tap Update.


Apple issues updates to Safari along with those for their operating systems. If Apple device’s operating system is up to date, Safari will be as well. If you are still using Safari on a Windows PC, please stop. Apple no longer provides updates or security patches for Safari running on Windows devices.

Microsoft Edge

  • Open the Edge browser.
  • Go to Settings and more.
  • Click Help and Feedback then About Microsoft Edge.
  • This will show whether an update is available. If so, click Download and install.
  • To apply the update, select Restart or close the browser and start it again.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the Firefox browser.
  • Click the hamburger (3 stacked lines) icon in the top right corner.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll down to Firefox Updates. You can manage your update settings and apply new updates from here.

For more information on your browser’s security settings and updates, check out what SICA (the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) has to say here.


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Frontline Technology is one of the only ministry-focused IT companies that is led by pastors and ministry leaders.

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