FlyTrap is an Android Trojan malware that targets your Facebook accounts. It steals your information and messages your friends links to install it on their devices.

Maintaining digital backups is a lot like keeping a photocopy of a paper file in a safety deposit box. You have a copy of the information in a safe place so you can access it if something happens to the original.

How can we be trustworthy managers of the information that comes across our desks? A lot of it comes down to being data aware.

QR codes: Little squares posted on any number of places that allow you to access information conveniently…but are they secure?

Phishing is the leading way hackers breach your networks and devices. Glance at these 4 key places before trusting any email.

Do you have ancient apps on your phone or tablet? Update them or delete them. Otherwise, you’ll have to accept the risk they pose.

Cybersecurity headlines may leave you feeling vulnerable. Read on for some basic tips to keep your information from being compromised.

Following several password security rules can make not only individual hackers but the bigger data breaches much less of a danger.

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